Future War Snap Shot

Movie Details

Studio: EuropaCorp

Rating: PG

Release Date: August 5, 2016

On DVD: November 1, 2016

Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $6,249,915 (USA)

Box Office: $19,637,449.00

Runtime: 87 min.

Cast: Cheryl Hines, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Garner, Kevin Spacey, Malina Weissman, Mark Consuelos, Robbie Amell, Talitha Bateman, Teddy Sears

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black 3, RV, Men in Black II, Big Trouble, Wild Wild West, Men in Black)

Written By: Gwyn Lurie, Matt Allen, Caleb Wilson, Ben Shiffrin, Daniel Antoniazzi

Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Family

Official Site: http://www.ninelivesmovie.com/



Sometime in the not-too-distant future, the whole of Asia is embroiled in a nuclear war that threatens all life on earth. A team of international mercenaries is sent into the middle of the battlefield to try and stop the madness. But will their efforts be in vain?

Future War Full Review

Story: The story in " Nine Lives" is exactly what you would expect after reading the back cover of the DVD in the video store with no surprise plot twists. The predictable story with a lesson at the conclusion was aimed at a family friendly audience seeking a feel good comedy. While the flick doesn't disappoint in regards to a relatively safe flick for the family (if you ignore the amount of drinking the characters do), it does however need some help in the comedy department. The jokes and comedy in the movie felt too reminiscent of popular internet cat videos that long ago fell out of popularity.

The characters in the movie felt genuine for the most part. Throughout the majority of the movie the characters responded to different events much how you would expect a real person would in the same situation. With that said, I didn't see much need to include the main character ex-wife the whole movie when she had no real contribution to the plot until the very end of the film.

In conclusion, you cant judge a movie on plausibility when the whole premise of the movie (a man turning into a cat until he learns to value his family) is implausible. This movie's story although outlandish was properly executed with a logical story line that was straight to the point and didn't feel bloated or drawn out, the characters were written in such a way that felt genuine to the plot, and the movie maintained a consistent theme throughout.

Acting: While greatness of Nine Live's ridiculous plot can be debated it didn't hamper the performances of most of the cast. Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner do an above average job at delivering believable characters to an far fetched plot. Christopher Walken does an outstanding performance acting as the weird gypsy like pet store owner who progresses the story line along at it's slow parts. The only actor i thought gave a below average and unconvincing performance was Malina Weissman who played the daughter, her acting was consistently bad and unbelievable.

Technical Elements:The technical elements of the film were all well polished. The cinematography, lighting, editing along with the sound all supported the movies overall objective.

Overall Entertainment:"Nine Lives" was a predictable movie with a common family theme that aimed to capitalize on the popularity of internet based cat videos. The movie had some marginally funny scenes but for the most part was pretty boring.